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Creating custom craft products is quick and easy with our DESIGN YOUR OWN products. All you need is a home printer and Internet connection.

Simply place a blank sticker sheet in your printer, browse our web site to select the color and pattern you prefer, then print!

Tips for successful printing:
Place several sheets of paper in the paper tray under the sticker sheet. This will help ensure the printer grabs the sticker sheet correctly as some printers don’t print correctly if there is only 1 sheet in the tray.
Turn off scaling (or change scaling to 100%). This is an option on the print screen (where you select printer and number of copies to print).
Print a test sheet first. Practice with an included test sheet before printing on the sticker. This helps ensure you know which way to place the sticker sheet in your printer.

Now you can brows hundreds of stencil designs and cut them right at home using our cordless tool, cutting mat and specially designed stencil blanks.

Tips for successful cutting:
Tape printed pattern to your work table to ensure it doesn’t move.
Trace pattern using stencil tool at a steady speed.
To make a pattern bigger or smaller just photocopy the pattern with zoom.